Allis Electric Co., Ltd.

Founded on September 25, 1968, Allis Electric Co., Ltd. started by producing low-voltage switchgear, motor control centers, high/low-voltage integrated start-up panels, AC/DC industrial control equipment and transmission & distribution apparatus. Its steady operations led to the development of independent departments which produce transformers, switching devices and electronic products.

Oil-Immersed Transformer Manufacturer

Allis Electric Co., Ltd. is a well-established and highly respected Taiwan oil-immersed transformer manufacturer with a global reputation for excellence in product design, quality, reliability and the highest levels of customer service. In order to meet the needs of customers, Allis Electric Co., Ltd. expanded our product lines and services to include master distribution agreements with some of the leading manufacturers of speciality oil-immersed transformer and related products. Keeping in mind the importance of clients' time, we make sure that our oil-immersed transformer is delivered to them within the promises time-period.
Oil-Immersed Transformer

Oil-Immersed Transformer

Oil-Immersed Transformer
Description :

Applying the most up-to-date technology with high quality silicon steel sheet, coil winding and insulating material, we are able to achieve a more compact, lighter weight and energy saving design that allows the easy installation.

Range of Production :

Up to 36kV, 25000kVA

Types :

  • Pad-mounted transformer
  • Pole-mounted transformer
  • Amorphous core transformer
  • Arc furnace transformer
  • Rectifier transformer
  • Other custom-design transformers

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Since our establishment in 1968, Allis Electric Co., Ltd. has changed a lot in industrial and domestic requirements and has adapted to fulfil the needs of every client. As the oil-immersed transformer industry matured and diversified, Allis Electric Co., Ltd. focused on customer needs and continually developed oil-immersed transformer. We have highly experienced and trained workers to make the accessories according to the specifications of the clients. We will always offer you a warm welcome and a top quality environment in business.