Switching Mode Rectifier
MCSU Front view

Mini Control and Supervisory Unit

Mini Control and Supervisory Unit

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Control & Supervisory Unit MCSU

Suitable for all SMR Series.
  • Control up to 15 series rectifier modules and monitor 2 banks of bateries in a 24V or 48V or 110V DC power system
  • System status is indicated by 3 LEDs - SYSTEM OK, ALARM, SMR SHUTDOWN
  • 144x32 Graphic LCD display: normally displays output current, output voltage, and system status
  • The overall control enables active load sharing, programmable battery charging current limit, battery temperature compensation, and automatic equalization
  • Local and remote monitoring and control via WinCSU2000 software and modem communications
  • Size: 41mm high, 221mm in depth, and 144mm in width; Mass: <1.1kg